William Vance Nichols


William Vance Nichols was born in the North Carolina foothills. His perpetual love for art as a young boy turned into a career that has spanned for almost 25 years. After high school William answered the call of duty in the United States Army. While serving in Korea he even found the time to paint a large mural and was involved in opening an English school that to this day is still in operation.

William studied fine arts at Appalachian State University and was exposed to the varied and rich aspects if the art world. He believes art education and skill buildings art life long journeys. Nichols later returned to Wilkes Community College as an art teacher where he taught art for a number of years. Nichols' passion for art and involvement in the community has influenced him to share his knowledge by teaching in local Christian schools and privately in his art studio.

Nichols spent 11 years working for Lowes Companies as an Illustrator and Graphic Artist. It was a valuable experience that instilled a certain discipline in him that helped to create art projects and designs. Nichols later went on to win the highly notable NC Printers Award. Today William Vance Nichols has over 40 art reproductions and collections across the country. He was privileged to create originals and art reproductions of Racing Greats junior Johnson, Richard Petty, and Harry Gant.

Nichols Credits his success to his devoted wife, Shirley. He is the proud father of two daughters Tonya and Janae, and grandfather to seven grandchildren Makayla, Ethan, Tymber, Evan, Emily, Evan, and Katie. One of his favorite things to do is to participate in the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in North Wilkesboro, NC where he enjoys meeting new people and sketching charcoal portraits. His philosophy of art is to magnify the subject to show the importance and beauty of everyday objects and scenes.


  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Graphic Design


  • Acrylic Painting
  • Charcoal Drawing